Agile Jobs

Agile jobs

The importance of the technology industry within businesses has increased considerably. According to research this need for IT professionals is only set to grow with companies requiring 150,000 new IT professionals in london every year. This has in turn increased the number of job opportunities for IT professionals in london with skills in developing with the agile PLM methodology.

About Agile PLM jobs

Agile software development is a group of methods of development, which evolved in the mid-nineties. These methods include rapid continuous delivery of useful software and close daily co-operation between members of businesses and developers. As software requirements evolve as a project moves through the development phase there is increasing importance on managing the project lifecycle through agile thus agile PLM job vacancies exist in many companies. Agile PLM job opportunities vary and can include roles at various levels from agile administrator jobs through to agile developer positions. An Agile PLM job favours experience in the methodology due to the constant development of the technology industry. Jobs within Agile PLM are available in a variety of companies including Corus, IBM and Accenture.

Salaries for Agile PLM jobs

Salaries for Agile jobs in london vary drastically depending on the job title of the vacancy. For example an Agile administrator job can receive a starting salary of £25,000 in london. But in contrast an Agile business analyst can receive a starting salary of £40,000. It is clear that salaries for an agile PLM job vary from job to job depending on the seniority and experience of the employee as well as their job title.